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Harry Potter ------- WHO IS THE BEST WIZARD
Harry Potter, Ron, and Hermione are good friends, and they all study at magic school. One day after class, they wanted to have a magic competition to decide who is the best wizard in the world. So they tried their best to show series of magic, but Ron sometimes went in wrong. Suddenly “Heymei” the owl flew to notice them a terrible news--- that “BIG BAD GUY” disguised their classmate and slid in. The three friends cooperated to try to defeat him, but they always found the wrong ones. Finally, somebody appeared and became them three pigs. How great he is---- Magician David---- the best magician in the world.
All of the above, This is the summary of the English modern drama. Although C.N.E.S. is a mini-school at special remote area. But we obtain the excellent achievements. That is attributed to the instruction of the teacher. Thanks for teacher Hong, C. S., Hong, Y. C., & Ping, Y. P. The best achievements are first and forever record. This will be a pretty memory in the time of the abolishing school.



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